Classic Educator… New Solutions…/Longtime-educator-Betts-has-history-… I had a very enlightening visit with, District 186 legendary educator, Elbert Betts, his staff and the hard working SPS186 students at the NAACP Alternative Program yesterday. I would like thank him for welcoming me and providing the Springfield Eduction Association further insight into the world of alternative education and an increasing population… Read More

Governor Vetoes $40,000 Minimum Salary For Teachers (8/27/18)

SPRINGFIELD, IL — Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed legislation Sunday that would have increased the minimum salary for full-time teachers at Illinois public schools to $40,000 over the next five years. The General Assembly approved the bill in May. It would have increased the minimum pay rate for teachers next year to $32,000. Teachers deserve to… Read More

SEA & Cost-Saving Partnership with Memorial Health Care

Dear SEA Members, At this week’s March 6th school board meeting, Superintendent Gill introduced a new partnership agreement between District 186 and Memorial Health Care Systems. The purpose of this partnership is to reduce SEA members’ out-of-pocket costs, improve and expand health services, and help keep premiums down. The 186 Board of Education is expected… Read More