Governor Vetoes $40,000 Minimum Salary For Teachers (8/27/18)

SPRINGFIELD, IL — Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed legislation Sunday that would have increased the minimum salary for full-time teachers at Illinois public schools to $40,000 over the next five years. The General Assembly approved the bill in May. It would have increased the minimum pay rate for teachers next year to $32,000. Teachers deserve to… Read More

SEA & Cost-Saving Partnership with Memorial Health Care

Dear SEA Members, At this week’s March 6th school board meeting, Superintendent Gill introduced a new partnership agreement between District 186 and Memorial Health Care Systems. The purpose of this partnership is to reduce SEA members’ out-of-pocket costs, improve and expand health services, and help keep premiums down. The 186 Board of Education is expected… Read More

Springfield Area Students Plan Actions To Address Gun Violence (, 3/6/18)

Student activists from Parkland, Florida, have toured the country speaking out about gun violence after a gunman killed 17 people at their school in February. They recently made a stop in Chicago and their cause has inspired students all over the country, including in the Springfield area. About 20 students from a variety of local… Read More

2018 District 186 Staffing Timelines

(Refer also to SEA Contract, ARTICLE 17: VACANCIES, TRANSFERS AND PROMOTION) Jan 25-Feb 26: Building Allocations Staffing allocations will go out to principals on January 25th. Staffing will be returned to HR by February 26. Staffing cuts result in displacements. Volunteers are considered first. If there are no volunteers, then displacements are made by seniority.… Read More

After-school programs on chopping block again (, 2/18/18)

Federally funded after-school programs that serve about 1,500 students in Springfield are once again on the chopping block in President Donald Trump’s budget proposal. This is the second year Trump has proposed axing the federal program known as 21st Century Community Learning Centers. Congress last year overturned the president’s request and restored $1.2 billion, keeping… Read More

Good Deed: Foundation funding provided students great opportunity (, 2/16/18)

This past fall my fourth-grade students were awarded a science grant from the Springfield Public Schools Foundation. The Foundation offers a variety of grants to District 186 teachers. This grant allowed us to purchase enough materials for both fourth-grade classes to dissect and learn about owl pellets. It was a great opportunity for young students… Read More