Incremental Credit Procedure

The steps needed to complete the process are all done on the intranet. If you are unsure of the status of your incremental credit, you may log onto the intranet at any time and review it. The steps are as follows: Log into the intranet, payroll, incremental credit.

1. Submit your course approval online (must be submitted no later than 15 days after class begins). If it is submitted late the course will be held for one year. To see if the course was approved, log in and check under Status. You can cancel a course anytime by clicking on the course and selecting cancel.

2. Once you have completed course(s), you need to send official (unopened) transcripts to 1900 W Monroe. When transcripts are received, the date will be entered online under Transcript; that is your way of knowing they

3. The last step is to create an increment request. When you select that box a list of courses will be displayed, select your completed course(s) and “submit”. This will automatically generate an email stating you are ready to
move with those courses and it also gives you a confirmation number that your request has been sent.

Dates to Remember:
September 1 – classes need to be completed by this date
November 1 – all transcripts and electronic submissions need to be in by this date

The salary schedule moves will begin with the second paycheck of the school year and will continue with each paycheck until everyone that is eligible has been moved. You will receive an email notification when your move is complete. Your salary move will be paid retro-active from the first contractual day of the year.

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