Sick Bank FAQ

Q: Where do I find the sick bank forms?
A: They are located on the SEA webpage under appendices or call SEA to have them sent to you.

Q: When do I complete the paperwork?
A: All paperwork should be completed before coming to the sick bank meeting for approval.

Q: When and where are the sick bank meetings?
A: They are held the 1st Tuesday of each month at 4:00 p.m. at 1900 W. Monroe – August – June

Q: How many sick bank days do I get?
A: Each person receives 180 days for his or her teaching career in Springfield. Teachers with less than 2 years experience receive only the years they have in – EX: 1 year =1 day 2 years = 2 days, at the start of the 3rd year = 180 days total PLEASE NOTE: THESE MUST BE FULL YEARS-NO PARTIAL YEARS STARTED AFTER OCTOBER 1 WILL COUNT. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS CONTACT THE SICK BANK ADMINISTRATOR!

Q: Do I have to use my sick days and personal days before I receive sick bank days?
A: YES, all sick and personal days must be used up before receiving sick bank benefits.

Q: Do I get my allocated sick days if I am on sick bank at the beginning of the school year?
A: Yes, but they must be returned to sick bank because in order to use sick bank, you must be out of sick and personal days.

Q: Will I be docked if I have used all my sick bank time and sick days?

Q: What should my doctor fill out?
A: For medical sick bank – you must have 2 different doctors fill out the doctor’s forms found in the sick bank package. For maternity – the doctor only needs to fill out his name and registry number found in the sick bank package – YOU DO NOT NEED A DOCTOR”S FORM FILLED OUT FOR PREGNANCY.

Q: If I am on a medical leave what do I need to do after I have been approved for sick bank?
A: At the beginning of each month, the sick bank committee must receive a doctor’s letter stating that you will continue to be on leave – this must be on a letterhead, not a prescription pad. Failure to receive this letter can result in losing sick bank privileges.