SEA-IEA-NEA: SEA Officer Candidate Information

SEA Members,

Ballots were mailed to your homes yesterday. All ballots must be received by April 6 in order to be counted. Don’t delay, return your ballot ASAP.

Jerry Lopian – Secretary

  • SCHOOL: Southeast High School
  • DISTRICT EXPERIENCE: This is my 14th year with District 186, after working 8 years as a convenience store manager. I began at Springfield High as a grant-funded teacher with Jobs for Illinois Graduates (JILG) before moving to the newly formed Springfield Learning Academy (SLA). My third year, I was fortunate enough to be hired as a Social Studies teacher at Southeast High and have been blessed to work in a great building with great co-workers.
  • SEA EXPERIENCE: My SEA experience includes: three years as a building AR at Southeast, three years as a member of the SEA Elections Committee and two years as Chair of the SEA Elections Committee. In addition, I have dedicated four years to the By-Laws Committee, when asked to review or make recommendations for changes.
  • GOALS FOR ASSOCIATION: My immediate goal for the association is to work with all members to continue providing strong leadership and open communication between your union stewards and members. In addition, I wish to maintain a positive working relationship with the Springfield School Board.
  • GENERAL COMMENTS: I look forward to working for your union in the future as Secretary of the Springfield Education Association.

Angie Meneghetti – SEA President

  • SCHOOL: US Grant Middle School
  • DISTRICT EXPERIENCE: I have worked as a middle school teacher in 186 since 2001.I have been a middle school science teacher since 1991. Love the middle school students! I have been the Science department chair, member of ILT, SLT ,PBIS, BIST. I have been a member of the district handbook committee, curriculum council and the district rubric committee.
  • SEA EXPERIENCE – I have been active in SEA since 2002. I have held the offices of Middle School Rep., 2nd VP, 1st VP. I have participated in the Grievance committee, Public relations, Scholarship committee, S-PACE and Bargaining team and the Insurance committee . I have been the Grassroots Political Activist for the IEA ,Region 11 Vice Chair and currently serve as the Region 11 Chair for SEA/IEA. I have been a delegate for 11 IEA RA’s and 3 NEA RA’s.
  • GOALS FOR ASSOCIATION: To continue to relentlessly advocate for our profession as educators and for our students. Public education as we know is the key to success for our students. To advocate for better pay and benefits, safety for educators and students, safe and clean buildings, appropriate supplies and rich curriculums for our students, positive leadership and public school funding at 100 %. I love going to the Capitol downtown and lobbying for our rights as educators and students.
  • GENERAL COMMENTS: I am running for President , to continue the work started by educators and leaders in our Union. We know we are stronger together and we have almost made it through this crazy, upside down school year. I would appreciate your vote.

Leslie Termine – Secretary

  • SCHOOL: Washington Middle School
  • DISTRICT EXPERIENCE: This is my 19th year with District #186 where I have served as a reading teacher at Dubois Elementary, a kindergarten and 2nd grade teacher at Pleasant Hill Elementary, a 4th and 5th grade teacher at Wanless Elementary and Feitshans Elementary and my current position as a 7th grade Health teacher at Washington Middle School. I served on the ILT committee at Wanless and Feitshans as well as the PBIS committees at both schools. I am active in AVID and have attended several trainings in Texas and Colorado, as well as attended various district lead professional development involving AVID as well as SEL.
  • SEA Experience: I have been an AR for Feitshans Elementary for the past 2 years. I attended several Elementary Concerns meetings and held informal meetings at our elementary school to gather concerns/celebrations to bring them to the meetings. I am also serving on the Bargaining Team for the 2021 contract negotiations.
  • GOALS FOR ASSOCIATION: My goal for the association is to keep accurate minutes for all membership and committee meetings, including dates and minutes adopted, decisions made and votes taken, while overseeing the work of the executive committee. I will work alongside the executive committee and use my voice to support and advocate for our members.
  • GENERAL COMMENTS: I take pride in Springfield District 186 and think very highly of our staff, students and families. I have always believed in our union. SEA members deserve strong leadership. I plan on supporting all members through an honest, direct and straightforward approach while representing all perspectives fairly. I would appreciate your vote.

Jeffrey D Garman – SEA President

  • SCHOOL: Jefferson Middle School
  • DISTRICT EXPERIENCE: I was a 4th grade teacher at McClernand Elementary for 10 years. For the past 4 years I have been teaching at Jefferson Middle School.
  • SEA EXPERIENCE: First Vice President, Executive Committee, Bargaining, Elementary Solutions,
  • SPACE, Time & Commitments Committee, Community Outreach, Grass Roots, ACES, One to One Conversations
  • GOALS FOR ASSOCIATION: I would like to see S.E.A. return to the respected organization it once was. I want to represent every staff member no matter their position. Without each other’s support, success is unachievable. I want to see the S.E.A. working as a proud and united organization. I want to negotiate a contract before the beginning of the next school year.
  • GENERAL COMMENTS: The reason I have decided to run is because of you. I am very happy as a classroom teacher, but I realize that we need a strong and rational voice that represents the true desires of our members. Character matters. I promise you that I will work tirelessly in your best interest. I ask for the opportunity to serve you. I ask for your vote. Together we can create a bright future for our association and the students of District 186.

Kathy Johnson – ESP Representative

  • SCHOOL: Douglas
  • DISTRICT EXPERIENCE: I started with Dist. 186 in 1989 as a Special Ed. Attendant. In 2000 I became Civilian Security. I have worked at JMS, Lawrence and Douglas. I am also a Certified CPI instructor for the District.
  • SEA EXPERIENCE: I have been very involved in our union since becoming a member including, ESP Rep. on Exec. team, A.R., Bargaining Team Co-Chair, By-Laws committee, and several other committees.I have represented SEA at the IEA ESP ONE Conference, Including being asked to be a Presenter several years. I was also nominated by SEA members in 2016 and picked by NEA( 1 of 16 from all across the U.S. ) to participate in the NEA ESP Leaders for Tomorrow Program. I was nominated last year for the NEA Racial Justice Award.
  • GOALS FOR ASSOCIATION: My Goals for the Association are to continue to work towards a strong unified membership. Also to keep working hard for ALL members.
  • GENERAL COMMENTS: I want to start by Thanking all SEA members for believing in my leadership skills and goals for the Association. ALL members are a vital part of SEA and their voices should be heard. I will continue to do this. TOGETHER we are SEA strong.

Mike Brown – Treasurer

  • SCHOOL: Franklin Middle School
  • DISTRICT EXPERIENCE: I have been a teacher in the district for 27 years. After being a member for years in the union I decided, after raising my children, I had time to become a more active member. I am running for the position of SEA Treasurer. I have served in this position for four years and I would like to continue serving the members of SEA in this role. In order to be on the ballot I need to have 30 signatures from SEA members before 8 am on Thursday. So I am asking for your signature on this electronic document so I can be on the ballot for SEA treasurer. Please just type your name to the next open number.
  • SEA EXPERIENCE: I have served as AR at Franklin Middle School, Middle School Representative and as SEA Treasurer for the last 4 years.
  • GOALS FOR ASSOCIATION: My goals are to help our union leadership increase communication with members about district issues that affect all teachers and keep our members informed about what leadership is doing to improve these issues.
  • GENERAL COMMENTS: I want to continue as treasurer to help our union keep track of the dues they are given. So these funds can be used to help our union to remain an active and strong advocate for public education and protection of our members.

Tiana Durr – 2nd Vice President

  • SCHOOL: Franklin Middle School
  • DISTRICT EXPERIENCE: This is my 13th year with District #186 where I have served as a Kindergarten Teaching Assistant at Matheny-Withrow, 7th grade Health/AVID teacher at Washington Middle School and 7th grade Health teacher at Franklin Middle School. I am the Middle School District Health Facilitator and I have served on the district Middle School Health textbook committee, Curriculum Council, and as ILT member. I am also the sponsor for FMS’s Total Equality Alliance Club. In 2019, I was nominated by a student and I received the District 186 Shining Star Award.
  • SEA EXPERIENCE: I have been an AR for FMS the last 2 years as well as the Bargaining Support Chair and Public Relations Chair. I served as an SEA representative on the Return to Learn Task Force. I am currently serving as an Impact Bargaining team member. I am also serving on the Bargaining Team for the 2021 contract negotiations.
  • GOALS FOR ASSOCIATION: My goals for the association are to increase communication to the membership and to continue to promote transparency within SEA and the District. I will continue to work to unite our membership so we can collectively use our voice to impact change in our district.
  • GENERAL COMMENTS: I have truly enjoyed supporting the membership in my various roles the past few years. I believe that SEA deserves strong leadership that will advocate for the rights of its members. I appreciate your vote.

Sarah Maley – Elementary Representative

  • SCHOOL: Enos Elementary
  • DISTRICT EXPERIENCE: My name is Sarah Maley, I am a 3rd grade teacher at Enos Elementary School and I am running for the position of elementary representative. This is my 15th year of teaching and my 4th year in Springfield District #186. Prior to coming to the district, I taught at South Fork Junior High where I served as co-president of the education association.
  • SEA EXPERIENCE: I have held the role of association representative at Enos for the last 2 years. During this time, I have led building level meetings to provide information to colleagues as well as collect concerns from them to take back to our district wide AR meetings. I have been committed to attending AR meetings and work diligently to be the communication piece for my fellow SEA members.
  • GOALS FOR ASSOCIATION: I am a team player and in my 4 years at Enos have been actively involved in ILT, Universal and FACE committees. We need strong leaders who will advocate for our educators. I will continue to be a listening ear for your concerns while providing support and guidance. I will work to represent you and be the voice for you at the next level.
  • GENERAL COMMENTS: I look forward to the opportunity to work alongside you. I would appreciate your vote in the upcoming SEA election. For which position are you running?

Michelle J. Ellenz – ESP Representative

  • SCHOOL: Early Learning Center
  • DISTRICT EXPERIENCE: I am relatively new at District 186, with three years experience. I began working in January 2019 as a classroom attendant in a Special Education classroom at the Early Learning Center to round out the school year. In August of 2019 I began working as a teacher assistant in a blended classroom and currently work in that role.
  • SEA EXPERIENCE: Member for 2 years
  • GOALS FOR ASSOCIATION: To continue to build relationships between the SEA, District 186 and SEA members which will allow us to create the best educational experience possible for the children and staff.
  • GENERAL COMMENTS: I would be honored to represent our membership and the SEA in a fair, prompt and professional manner.

Chris Berberet – Elementary Representative

  • SCHOOL: Wilcox Elementary School
  • DISTRICT EXPERIENCE: This is my eighth year at Wilcox Elementary School as the intermediate cross-categorical teacher. During the seven years serving on ILT, I have been the Chair three times. In 2018, I completed the UIS/186 Principal Endorsement Cohort.
  • SEA EXPERIENCE: This is my first year as a building AR. I have worked closely with SEA regarding Return to Learn for “targeted groups.”
  • GOALS FOR ASSOCIATION: I will advocate for elementary educators and students by finding creative paths to solve issues. Our Union’s cohesive voice has grown and I want to further the work others have started in SEA. I believe doing something positive for educators, positively impacts students’ education.
  • GENERAL COMMENTS: My educational background includes a general education licensure with an endorsement in special education. Teaching special education at the elementary level has made me familiar with both general education and special education curriculum. This unique viewpoint has allowed me to see elementary education from both sides.

Mia Jefferson – Minority Representative

  • SCHOOL: Butler
  • DISTRICT EXPERIENCE: I am Mia Jefferson. I have been a classroom teacher in Springfield District 186 for 6 years, teaching third ( and one year teaching 4th) grade at Butler School.
  • SEA EXPERIENCE: Currently, I am an AR/ Minority representative for my school. This was my first term working with in the Springfield Education Association. I have enjoyed working within our Union to help problem solve and aid with any of our constituents needs and/or concerns, in any way that I can. Along with being one of the ARs from Butler School, I also sit on two SEA committees. I am a member of the Grievance Committee, and the Co- Chair of Minority Solutions committee. I have learned a tremendous amount information and skills while working with SEA over this term. We have all put many thoughts and ideas into motion, and I have the desire to the continue the work, and the learning, that I have started in all of these three positions. I am asking for your vote as I am running as Minority Representative.

Juan Morrison – Minority Representative

  • SCHOOL: Lanphier High
  • DISTRICT EXPERIENCE: 26 ½ years security personnel
  • SEA EXPERIENCE: 4 ½ years experience, A.R. Executive Committee, Minority Representative Chairman.
  • GOALS FOR ASSOCIATION- My goal is to enhance the skills, knowledge of the minority members,
  • ESP and SEA members. To positively impact student achievements, to organize members and advocate for security and educators and build stronger local unions and help our members do their job better and support SEA goals and objectives.