2018 District 186 Staffing Timelines



Jan 25-Feb 26: Building Allocations

  1. Staffing allocations will go out to principals on January 25th.
  2. Staffing will be returned to HR by February 26.
  3. Staffing cuts result in displacements.
  4. Volunteers are considered first. If there are no volunteers, then displacements are made by seniority.

Mar 16-Apr 6: Displaced Process

  1. Displaced teachers are placed on a list in order of seniority.
  2. A master list of known vacancies will be shared with each displaced teacher.
  3. Displaced teachers shall contact principals of the buildings that have vacancies, either in person or by a phone call to learn about the position and to schedule a visit.
  4. Displaced teachers will select their top three choices of positions from the master vacancy list based on seniority and certification requirements.
  5. The SEA office will receive displaced choices and assign displaced teachers into positions based on seniority and certification.

“The Pool”

  • A displaced teacher may select to stay in the pool to select a vacant position.
  • After the last day of school, any teacher who remains in the “pool” will be placed in a position by the Director of Human Resources.

The RIF (Reduction in Force) Process

  • Done by district seniority.
  • RIF groupings – teachers with two or more ‘Needs to Improve’ evaluations will be RIF’d regardless of seniority.
  • Notified by registered mail 45 calendar days prior to the end of the school year.
  • Recall based on openings and seniority.

Apr 9-May 11: Voluntary Transfer

  • Positions available for voluntary transfer will be listed on the District Intranet for 4 days starting on April 11th and running through May 8th. This is updated daily.
  • Teachers interested in applying for a voluntary transfer need to apply electronically on the District Intranet.
  • A minimum of the 3 most senior teachers that apply for any position must be interviewed.

Additional Vacancies after Voluntary Transfer Process

  • Positions will be listed on the District 186 website through the third Friday in July.
  • Currently-employed teachers may apply for these positions after the second Friday in May.
  • There is no obligation to interview based on seniority.

ESP Procedures

  • The process is very similar to certified staff.
  • Occurs 1 month prior to the beginning of the school year.

‘Contract Fulfilled’

  • Released at the March 6th board meeting.
  • Hired prior to August 1.
  • Hired August 2 or after.
  • Update contact information with the district.

If you have questions, email SEA president, Crysta Weitekamp at crystaw@mac.com or call her at 217-787-7060.