Board to vote on 3-yr Canvas contract

At the Mon Apr 6 186 School Board meeting, board members will be voting to approve a $184K 3-yr agreement with Instructure for “subscription, implementation, training, and support of the Canvas cloud platform for e-learning.”

Mon Apr 6 BOE Agenda:

Next Monday’s meeting, scheduled for 6:30PM, will be streamed live at

The link to register to speak during the April 6, 2020 meeting is:

This link will be open for registration through the end of the meeting.

District 186 to present 2019 budget next month (8/19/18)

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WICS) — New school year new budget challenges for District 186.

The district will present a $188 million dollar plan to the school board next month.

Justin Carter has a first look at the money and how it could get spent.

With a new school year, comes a new budget for District 186. The area’s largest school district will present a $188.5 million plan to the school board next month.

At this time last year, District 186 was gripped with the unknown as the budget impasse stalled vital dollars. District 186 Superintendent Jennifer Gill says there is a bit of relief this year.

“We have received three full payments from the state and we are still behind a little over two million dollars from last years fiscal dollars and appropriation but we are hopeful that we will be getting those in time,” Gill said.

The tentative budget for Fiscal Year 2019 is around $188.5 million with nearly 90% of that money pumped into the districts educational fund. The fund supports academic programs, salaries and support resources.

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