School District 186 officers surprise student facing hardships (, 2/12/18)

Many times, parents and teachers may not realize when a child is struggling. One student at Southeast was having a hard time. Now a viral District 186 post, reaching over 10,000 people within one day, shows how two school officers took money out of their own pockets to buy something special for that student. Two… Read More

UIS Perspectives: Educating leaders in education (, 12/16/17)

What makes successful K-12 schools tick? A recent study cited by Education Pioneers, a nationwide school improvement project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, concluded school leadership is a critical factor. Along with excellent teachers, outstanding principals and superintendents have significant impact on how well students learn in school. That impact is the… Read More

Our View: Better ways for Lincoln Library to address late fines (, 12/12/17)

All area children should have access to Lincoln Library. Libraries are, after all, the great equalizer. They serve everyone regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, social status or economic class. Those who can’t afford books, DVDs, an internet connection or a computer can turn to their local library for access. The resources a library offers… Read More

How to give the gift Springfield library fine forgiveness (, 12/8/17)

Instead of giving a kid a book this holiday season, you can give him a library. Lincoln Library has launched a new initiative in which patrons can pay off fines on children’s accounts. “The gift people are paying for here is library access for kids,” said Jessica Paulsen, the library’s access services manager. Since the… Read More

Springfield School District receives ninth, 10th bomb threats (, 11/30/17)

Springfield District 186 schools received their ninth and 10th bomb threats this year on Thursday afternoon. The district said the incident at Southeast High School occurred at 1:20 p.m. via phone call, and the second occurred at Springfield High right before the 3:17 p.m. dismissal. District 186 said in a release students at Southeast were… Read More