Q&A/Ratification Vote of 2021-2022 Contract Extension

Today, May 11th, at 5:30pm will be our meeting for asking questions and voting on the 2021-2022 Contract Extension. During this time, we will use a GoogleDoc to follow Robert’s Rules for asking questions. When using the GoogleDoc please make sure you sign up in the appropriate column you wish to speak in (Green-In Favor, Red-Opposed, Yellow-Question). Remember questions (yellow) supersede all green and red remarks. If there are no questions, green and red remarks will be alternated. Comments will be kept to no longer than three minutes. Please be patient and courteous during this time so we can allow all voices to be heard.

Due to the pandemic, SEA Exec committee voted and passed a one year allowance of electronic ratification voting. Following the meeting, you will receive a link to a Google Form to sign in on by listing your name and school. Once that form is completed you will be redirected to another GoogleForm where you can cast your Yes/No ratification vote anonymously. Please note all forms will be sent through your district email address. Additionally, you will only be able to submit your sign-in and vote one time. Votes will be allowed to be submitted until 6:30 p.m. on 5/12.

If you have any questions ahead of tomorrow’s meeting, please direct them to Lindsey Rudd or Ben McKinney.
Below is the link for tomorrow’s zoom meeting:

Topic: SEA Contract Extension and Ratification Vote

Time: May 11, 2021 05:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 977 9602 5834

Passcode: Email SEApresident186@gmail.com for passcode.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week #2

Hello SEA members! Here is another Teacher Appreciation salute! Below are the educators that are retiring this year. We wish them the best as they venture into the next era of their lives. Thank you for your dedication, knowledge and caring of our students.

  • Baugher, Cindy: PE, Hazel Dell/Enos
  • Bresnahan, Alicia: Kindergarten, Lee
  • Brunsman, Shellie: Grade 4, Wilcox
  • Buscher, Tracy: Science, Southeast
  • Cassidy, Barbara: Speech Pathologist, Lee/Hazel Dell
  • Chesser, Bette: Psychologist, SSS-Graham
  • Daily, Mary: Speech Pathologist, Early Learning Center
  • Drake, Queen: Coordinator of SCOPE, Wanless
  • Garcia, Michael: PE, Lanphier
  • Gates, Kristine: Science, Lincoln
  • Gathard, Leeann: Special Education, Douglas
  • Gerdes, Karen: Inclusion, Springfield High School
  • Hays, Diane: Family/Consumer Science, Springfield
  • Hulett, Patrick: PE, Washington
  • Icenogle, Kim: School Psychologist, SSS-Graham
  • Jackson, Iola: Asst. Principal, Southeast
  • Jacobs, Dawn: Science, Springfield
  • Jeffers, Kelley: Literacy, Feitshans
  • Mariotti, Amy: Health, Franklin Middle School
  • Meyer, Kathleen: Speech Pathologist, Early Learning Center
  • Mifflin, Marcia: Kindergarten, Lindsay
  • Murphy Linda Kay: Alternative Education, Douglas
  • Nielsen, Shelly: Special Education Dept Chair, Lanphier
  • O’Malley, Dawn: Kindergarten, Wilcox
  • Paige, Joni: English, Southeast
  • Patton, Jodi: Computer Science, LHS/SHS/SE
  • Pence, Nancy: Math, Springfield
  • Peters, Jacqueline: Reading, Ridgely
  • Petty-Meyer, Denise: AVID/SS/Lit TIL, Lanphier
  • Pierce, Shari: Special Education-Life Skills, Southeast High School
  • Rogers, Karen: Grade 3, Laketown
  • Rogers, Valerie: Health Services Coordinator, SSS-Graham
  • Rokosz, Diana: Grade 2, Southern View
  • Saunders, Eva: Special Education Dept Chair, Jefferson
  • Simon, Cheryl: Art, Addams/Wilcox
  • Smith, Elizabeth: School Nurse, Franklin/Travel
  • Swanberg, Michele: Grade 1, Feitshans
  • Tarr, Rita: Alternative Education, Butler
  • Turner, Cathy: Science, Springfield
  • Volkman, Barbara: Spanish, Lanphier
  • Whiteman, Denise: Grade 5, Ridgely
  • Zeck, Ellen: Hearing Impaired, Travel

Angie Meneghetti, SEA President

A Word on the 4 Day Return

Hello SEA Members,

Well, it has been quite a school year! As we anticipate our hybrid students returning April 6th, there are a few messages that I would like to share with all of you. I cannot express how creative, hardworking and adaptable educators have been during the continuing pandemic. Each of you continue to persevere as we continue to work cooperatively to make any situation successful for our students and families. We have had challenges that we have never encountered before this last year. In a profession that has an overload of terms and acronyms, we now have new terms: hybrid, hy-flex, remote, social distancing, arm bumps, digital learning, and quarantine. In addition, there is the melding of grade levels, curriculum changes, parent contact changes, transportation challenges and the list can go on and on.

Through all the changes, many of you have expressed your fears, accomplishments, and hopes that the situation this year is temporary. Hopefully, as vaccine numbers increase for those receiving it, a semblance of safety and normalcy will return in the next school year. Your AR’s have received a document of commonly asked questions and how those questions are covered in the current SEA contract. The SEA AR’s met last week by school level to discuss issues that have come up since the Return to Learn on April 6th was announced. SEA leadership will continue to provide assistance, support, new ideas and keep communication open and current. The document that was discussed last week has been sent to each of you through Mail Chimp, so check your spam mail as well. This week I will be visiting the schools that I have not been to yet. I will also be re-visiting schools to talk to educators and see how the students are adapting to the new normal.

In closing, as a 30 year teaching veteran, I have been continually impressed by each school that I visit. Each educator that I have spoken with comments how each of you play a crucial role in our student’s lives. SEA is here to protect teacher rights, support teacher professionalism, keep a check on Administrative decisions and provide a safe learning environment for our students, teachers and staff.

Check with your building AR to confirm your correct mailing address and personal email . You can also contact Treva Grant at the SEA office at 217-787-7060 or at treva.grant@ieanea.org

I look forward to discussing issues and ideas with you in the near future.

Angie Meneghetti
Acting SEA President

Acting SEA President’s public comments about the recent survey on student perceptions of white teachers

Dear Fellow SEA Members,

Today, I sent the following email to the BOE to be read during public comments at this evening’s school board meeting. This email is in response to the recent survey sent out by the district asking students about their perceptions of white District 186 teachers. The District administration has yet to provide our members with any information about how the results from this survey will be used.

Angie Meneghetti
Acting SEA President

Recently, District administration approved a research survey on student perception of white teachers. The survey has raised some concerns from our members and from members of the community. Primarily, our members want to know what is to be done with this data and why we were not included in the planning.

Conversations about race and equity have always been difficult, but they are also necessary. Unfortunately, SEA was not invited to be part of the conversation.The survey that was developed by a graduate student at ISU was sent without the knowledge of parents, SEA leadership, or the teachers themselves. District 186 administration frequently talks about collaboration, yet did not bother to explain in advance to the SEA and its members how the data generated from this survey would be used. District administration did not share with the SEA and its members how this survey is part of a larger look at inequities in the District. Even after concerns were raised with District administration, SEA members still don’t know how the data will be used. This lack of interaction with our community educators was both insulting and exasperating.

Teachers and education support professionals are lifelong learners. We are open to looking at our professional practice with a critical lens. What makes teachers frustrated and angry is when the ONLY thing discussed is the teachers. We are tired of being the scapegoats for every individual or community struggle. Where is the District’s comprehensive equity plan? Does the District have a plan to eliminate structural disparities between schools? Does the District have a plan to place experienced administrators with a history of success in our struggling schools? Are we looking at our curriculum with an equity lens?

The academic success of our students in our community that have experienced the burdens of structural racism and poverty will not occur by ignoring the structures that perpetuate their failures. Most importantly, improving educational opportunities for our African American and/or poor students will not be successful without a team effort. SEA members are willing as usual, to do the hard work of applying an equity lens at our schools. However, this action will only occur when we are invited at the table to share our own observations regarding the structural inequities that face our students, Until all stakeholders in the community are engaged in this conversation, then we will continue to drift without a plan.

Thank you for your time,

Angie Meneghetti
SEA President

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