Organizing is not about selling membership

Organizing is not about selling membership. The soap manufacturers don’t sell soap, they sell clean hands. People don’t buy soap for the sake of owning their own bar: People buy soap because they want clean hands. Similarly, people don’t buy a drill bit to own the bit: People want to make a hole in something. The same principle applies to unions. People don’t pay union dues to buy a union membership card: People want control over their work lives and protection from arbitrary management. People pay union dues to get a better life. They pay dues for change and hope. People will become union members and union stalwarts to become part of a powerful, democratic, responsive, winning organization. Organizing for power functions to build a union power: It increases membership as a result.

– Author unknown

2022 SEA Bargaining Team

A list of the 2022 SEA Contract Bargaining Team is below.

Jeff Garman, Co-chair                                       Angela Koerwitz

Kathy Johnson, Co-chair                                   Jerry Lopian

Christine Sanders, Co-chair                              Sarah Maley

Leslie Termine, Co-chair                                   Pat Phillips

Dione Booth                                                       Jennifer Rockwell

Hirut Harris                                                         Jenn Sharpe

Colleen Hulligan                                                 Molly Traw

Dave Isham                                                         Shari Troike

Region 11 Election Results

Region 11 held an election on March 29, 2022. Below are the election results.

Region Chair (three-year term)

  • Crysta Weitekamp

Region Vice Chair (three-year term)

  • Kelly Sholtis

2022 NEA RA Delegates

  • Crysta Weitekamp
  • LeAnn Divijak
  • Kelly Sholtis
  • Corey Bond
  • Angie Meneghetti
  • Angie Koerwitz
  • Gail Kolbeck
  • Stephanie Schwab*
  • Jenn Ciotti*
  • Gay Johnson*

*These write-in candidates received the same number of votes for the eighth delegate position. They are encouraged to contact the SEA President if they are interested in serving as a delegate.

SEA Election Results

SEA held an election on March 29, 2022. Below are the election results.

SEA President (two-year term)

  • Aaron Graves

SEA 1st Vice President (two-year term)

  • Leslie Termine

SEA Secretary (two-year term)

  • Tiana Durr

SEA Treasurer SPECIAL ELECTION (one-year term)

  • Jennifer Rockwell

Ethnic Minority Rep (one-year term)

  • Juan Morrison

Elementary School Rep (one-year term)

  • Sarah Maley
  • Mindy Daley

Middle School Rep (one-year term)

  • Kristen Langer

High School Rep (one-year term)

  • Tracy Dempsey

ESP Rep (one-year term)

  • Stacy Lawrence
  • Michele Ellenz