Region 11 Election Results

Region 11 held an election on March 29, 2022. Below are the election results.

Region Chair (three-year term)

  • Crysta Weitekamp

Region Vice Chair (three-year term)

  • Kelly Sholtis

2022 NEA RA Delegates

  • Crysta Weitekamp
  • LeAnn Divijak
  • Kelly Sholtis
  • Corey Bond
  • Angie Meneghetti
  • Angie Koerwitz
  • Gail Kolbeck
  • Stephanie Schwab*
  • Jenn Ciotti*
  • Gay Johnson*

*These write-in candidates received the same number of votes for the eighth delegate position. They are encouraged to contact the SEA President if they are interested in serving as a delegate.