SEA Bargaining Extension Update

SEA Members,

The SEA bargaining team has secured an extension of last year’s contract and terms for the 2021-2022 school year. Certified staff will see a 3% bump to their pay plus step. ESPs, COTAs and PTAs will see a 4.25% bump plus step to their pay for the 2021-2022 school year. As it is an extension there is no new language to the contract from either side. When Aaron approached me to be the bargaining chair, I took the position with the understanding that we would approach the board to try and get them to buy another year using last year’s figures. Had the board turned it down, the bargaining team was ready with language and dates to do a traditional bargaining. However, with COVID and the exhaustion of this and last school year, we feel this is a nice compromise. The school board unanimously agreed and put together the same package as last year for next school year. This means starting the year with a contract in hand and pay raises in place. Additionally, impact bargaining will continue as long as COVID is an issue for the schools, which is all but guaranteed heading into next school year. An approval of an extension would also mean we already have a large jump on proposed language when we do return to bargain next year.

After we take this deal to the executive committee and the AR’s, we will be setting a date to vote to ratify this extension. All of the language collected by the team will be kept and worked on for the next bargain and will be handed to whomever chairs or co-chairs the team. Thank you for your time and input during the building level zooms and know that all of those ideas and suggestions are still being worked on and considered for the next bargain.

Below you will find the dates for the ratification process. Please send questions you have about this to me at or to Lindsey at

Important Ratification dates:

  • SEA Exec Vote (agreed)-4/27
  • AR meeting & vote – 5/11
  • Public Comment – 5:00 Zoom (after AR meeting, 5/11)-All members welcome
  • Voting: 5/11- 5/12 (Via Google Form)

Ben and Lindsey