“I will only vote for remote” – Mike Zimmers, 186 Board Member

“Teachers, your job is stressful enough just teaching students.. year-in year-out. It is extremely stressful. You did not go to school to come back this year to be a healthcare professional, or social worker, or a mental health specialist.. and you weren’t trained to be in law enforcement. So I really have some concerns for you. We are asking you to do many many things beyond just teaching our students. We’re going to be naive if we don’t think that many of our students and our teachers are going to come down with Covid-19 if we open up the schools. I will not vote for a blended model. I think we’re making a mistake by doing that. I will only vote for remote.” – Mike Zimmer, District 186 School Board, 7/20/20 (Full comment starts at minute-mark 1:22:30)