Trading Places

“Buy low, sell high. That’s the other guy’s problem.” said Louis Winthrope, the arrogant stock trader played by Dan Aykroyd (opposite Eddie Murphy) in the 80’s comedy Trading Places.

As the SEA displaced process closes and the voluntary transfer and new hire process simultaneously open, your union wants to remind you that there is another alternative available for those who may be looking to “sell their stock”.  It is called the Employee Exchange Program.  Bargained language Article 18.2 of your SEA contract reads:


Employees will be given the option of arranging an exchange with another employee based upon the following guidelines:

A. Employees shall be qualified/certified to perform the duties of the position.

B. For ESPs, the exchange will be for the period of one school year. For teachers, the exchange will be for the period of one school year at the elementary level, and for either one semester or a full school year at the middle and high school levels.

C. At the end of the exchange period, the employees may choose to:

1. apply to renew the exchange for an additional year (or semester at the middle and high school levels);
2. return to their original position; or
3. with the mutual concurrence of both building principals, make a permanent switch of positions.

D. Initial application for an exchange, application for the renewal of an exchange, or application to request a permanent switch shall be made in writing to the HumanResources Office by April 15th of each school year. All requests shall require the approval of the Superintendent. Action on all requests will be taken by May 10th of each school year. Initial application for an exchange for the second semester of a school year shall be made to the Human Resources Office by November 30 of each school year.

E. Any school affected by RIF or involuntary transfer will base staffing decisions on the employee’s original assignment prior to the exchange.

F. This exchange program shall not be subject to the grievance procedure.

If you think that there may be merit in an exchange of you and another one of your colleagues, please confirm it with that colleague and then establish it formally in writing (by April 15) with Gina Schurman in the SPS186 Human Resources office and carbon copy your union as well.

You most likely have never heard of this, but it is a real thing and another example of how your union members of the past have engaged in progressive human resource problems solving.

Please make sure that your friends and colleagues know about this. Who knows what kind of positive things may lie on the other side of street.