True Community

Michelle Baker, a fellow colleague from Enos Elementary, lost her home to a fire May 24th, 2019. She and her family are unharmed, but her son, her husband and their three cats are displaced due to the extent of the damage.  They will be transitioning living spaces as their home damage is assessed and rebuilt over the next twelve months.
For those who have never been part of a community or family disaster, it is one of the hardest possible things to go through. Currently, gift cards (food, clothing, furniture, groceries, etc) would be the best thing that anyone could do to support them at this time. The cards can be taken or sent through district mail directly to Claudia Johnson (school principal) or the Enos SEA ARs (Deana Metzke and Nathan Grieme).
Please consider what you can give to assist Michelle and her family through these difficult times. And remember, supporting one’s colleagues and coworkers is noble and necessary if we indeed are to call ourselves a true community.
Aaron Graves