2019-21 CONTRACT – Article 24

24. Liaison Committees

24.1: Building Committees
24.2: Leadership Teams
24.3: Association/Board Meetings

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The teachers shall elect a liaison committee in each building or any unit responsible to a principal or appropriate supervisor. The principal or supervisor will meet with the liaison committee or the association representatives at least monthly, if requested by the committee or representatives, to discuss matters of mutual interest and concern. The Association shall establish guidelines for the election process. The Association Representatives shall be responsible for conducting the election, if a liaison committee is created. The current committee shall be operable until a new committee is elected. The committees shall present the principal a prepared agenda at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.


The building leadership team (i.e. site instructional leadership team, SEA building liaison committee or association representatives, etc.) will meet annually to prioritize and review the number of committees and meetings.


The Board and/or the Superintendent agree to meet with the Association Executive Committee and/or Association President at mutually agreed upon times to discuss matters of mutual interest and concern.


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