2019-21 CONTRACT – Article 23

23. Lawrence Education Center

23.1: Exclusions from Contract
23.2: Representation at Conventions, Workshop, and Conferences
23.3: Procedures for Reporting Absences
23.4: Suspension of Student
23.5: Teaching Conditions and Physical Setting
23.6: Discipline/Dismissal/Probation/Evaluation
23.7: District Seniority
23.8: Salary and Related Economic Benefits
23.9: Termination of Employment – Resignation
23.10: Vacancy Information
23.11: Reduction in Staff
23.12: Summer School

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The teachers at Lawrence Education Center working in the adult and continuing education program shall be covered by all of the provisions of this agreement with the following exclusions: 1.1B-Pro-rata provisions, 1.1C-Seniority, 5.6-Teachers Working Less Than Full-Time, Article VII-Salary and Related Economic Benefits, Article VIII-Professional Growth, 11.2-School Day, 11.3-Teaching Load, 11.4-Class Size, 11.9-Extra Duties Assignments, 11.16-Faculty Meetings, 11.23-Subject Area Specialists, 12.5-Attendance at Professional Meetings, 12.6-Representation at Conventions, Workshop, and Conferences, Article XVII-Transfer and Promotion, and Article XIX-Reduction in Force.


A. On days identified on the LEC calendar as convention/workshop/conference days, teachers shall attend those local meetings and may attend those out of town meetings as so scheduled (within budget limitations). Teachers shall be compensated at their current per diem.

B. All in-service workshops shall be designated on the LEC official calendar as prepared by the building administration. Teachers will not be required to attend evening workshops.

C. After attendance at a Board-approved convention, the right half of the form should be completed together with receipts and original summary of the conference and implications for the District (not exceeding one single-spaced typed page) and filed with the immediate supervisor in order that the teacher may be reimbursed. Every effort will be made to reimburse expenses as soon as possible, if proper application has been made. Mileage for travel to conventions, workshop, and conferences outside of District 186 shall be reimbursed at the pre-established ISBE approved rates.

D. In cases where staff attendance at an out-of-district convention, workshop, or conference is required, and a teacher cannot stay overnight, such teacher shall have all of his/her mileage reimbursed.


Teachers requiring a substitute shall make every effort to call two hours prior to their assignment and report their absence to their building supervisor or designee. The phone number of the building supervisor or designee shall be given to each teacher at the beginning of the school year.


Any student(s) committing an assault and/or battery on a teacher shall be immediately suspended by the administrator in charge. The administrator shall then present the facts and his/her recommendation to the Superintendent for final action.


A. Length of Work Day

The work day for full-time staff shall not be less than 6.25 consecutive hours inclusive of a 30 minute duty-free lunch period.

B. Curriculum

Teachers developing curriculum requested by or approved by the principal or his/her designee will either be granted an equivalent amount of released time or will be paid the SEA base salary hourly rate for the number of hours they are assigned by the principal or his/her designee to develop curriculum. Payment for said work will be restricted to efforts undertaken on school premises.

C. Extra Duties

Volunteers will be considered first before teachers assume their respective share of extra duty activities which are related to the LEC activities. It is to be recognized, however, that some of these activities must extend beyond classroom time. Each teacher may be assigned a portion of miscellaneous services and activities of the school.

D. Faculty Meetings

1. Length and Frequency of Faculty Meetings
Faculty meetings will be limited to 45 minutes before or after the regular day program and shall be limited to two such meetings per month.
2. Teachers May Be Excused From Faculty Meetings
In emergency situations, teachers may be excused from faculty meetings. Only teachers assigned to the LEC building whose teaching responsibility includes the hour after or before the faculty meetings are expected to attend. The administration may provide a summary of the meeting for its faculty members not in attendance.
3. Prior Notice of Meetings
Faculty meetings shall be designated on the LEC calendar. Teachers shall have the opportunity to suggest items for the agenda.

Preparation Periods

1. Every teacher will be guaranteed one preparation period per day of not less than 35 minutes per day prorated to length of the teaching assignment.
2. Creation of New Classes
When the administration creates a new class or adds additional hours to teaching positions, the Association will be notified. Teachers will have the opportunity to apply for these additional classes.


A. Discipline or Dismissal for Cause

Teachers may only be disciplined or discharged for cause, which includes incompetency, cruelty, negligence, immorality, or other sufficient cause.

B. Probationary Period

The initial employment of all staff members new to the LEC/#186 program shall be a probationary period of one year of prorated full-time employment based upon a four hour time standard.

C. Non-Probationary Teacher Evaluations

Non-probationary teachers shall be evaluated at least once every two years.

D. Evaluations

Evaluation procedures and form shall be consistent with that set forth in Appendix H.


A. Seniority shall be defined as the length of a teacher’s continuous service in the LEC bargaining unit positions. Further, seniority shall be computed initially beginning August, 1986, without the inclusion of summer school hours, past, present, or future as of each teacher’s date of official employment by the Board.

B. Seniority will not accrue during any authorized leave of absence without pay. Seniority will not be interrupted due to excused absence or illness.

C. Teachers who are/were promoted or transferred from LEC instructional positions (classified as within the bargaining unit) and subsequently returned to said bargaining unit positions without a break of service, shall have their seniority computed based on hours of instructional employment in positions in the bargaining unit. Said teachers may have access into the bargaining unit only at the beginning of the school year and only under involuntary circumstances resulting from the discontinuance of those programs to which they were promoted or transferred. These teachers will be placed in a subject area in which they are legally qualified to hold. That position will be either newly created, vacated, or in the least senior position in the bargaining unit.

D. Teachers who have had their continuous service interrupted by RIF shall, upon reinstatement, have their past seniority computed from the first day of original employment excluding any time which the teacher is on layoff. Teachers hired shall have their seniority computed as per Section 23.7A.

E. In the event LEC seniority is equal, the following procedures are to be utilized in order:

1. Consider previous teaching experience credit inside District 186.
2. Consider previous teaching experience outside District 186.
3. Any further ties shall be determined by drawing of lots.


A. Remuneration

Teachers will be paid on a unit rate as determined by the application of the following formula: 100% of the salary schedule. Placement on the salary schedule shall be based on level of education and the number of years of LEC experience. Placement on column 5 (MA) shall be according to Article VIII, Professional Growth and Increments for Blocks of Advanced Work.


1. Teachers With 16 Years Service Credit
Longevity payments of 6% of the step 1/column 1 salary will be awarded to all teachers after the completion of 16 years of service credit in the District and each year thereafter. Such creditable service does not have to be continuous.
2. Teachers With 19 Years Service Credit
Longevity payments of 9% of the step 1/column 1 salary will be awarded to all teachers after the completion of 19 years of service credit in the District and each year thereafter. Such creditable service does not have to be continuous.
3. Teachers With 22 Years Service Credit
Longevity payments of 12% of the step 1/column 1 salary will be awarded to all teachers after the completion of 22 years of service credit in the District and each year thereafter. Such creditable service does not have to be continuous.
4. (Longevity Pay) Teaching Experience Outside of the District
All teachers shall receive credit for longevity pay for teaching experience outside the District to the extent that such experience was allowed for salary placement in initial employment.

C. Medical Insurance

The Board shall provide said insurance coverage for each teacher who works six hours or more per day. The cost of the dependent coverage must be paid by the teacher. Such coverages will be provided through an insurance carrier contracted by the Board.

D. Life Insurance

The Board shall provide each teacher (working six hours or more per day) of the District with $20,000 worth of group life insurance, in addition to accidental death and dismemberment, without cost to the teacher. If optional additional coverage is available from the carrier, such coverage shall be made available to the teacher via payroll deduction.


All resignations from positions with the LEC shall be made in writing, with at least 14 days notice prior to the effective date of resignation, to the Superintendent, who will refer them to the Board for consideration and appropriate action.


A. Vacancy Notices – Postings

All positions–instructional as well as non-instructional–within the LEC program shall be posted on the mailroom and faculty lounge bulletin boards at the LEC building, in the SEA President’s mailbox, and at District 186 school buildings for a minimum of seven working days prior to newspaper advertisement and/or public announcement. Such notices shall be accompanied by a job description, a statement of minimum qualifications, and a salary range.

Should positions become available during summer the District will, in addition, send a copy of said posting to the office of the SEA President or his/her designee.

All positions shall be posted and made available for application as per section 17.2C2.

B. Additional Positions

Opportunity to apply will be given to teachers employed through LEC for and new bargaining unit positions–temporary or otherwise. Accumulation of hours of seniority will continue during employment in said positions.


A. General Conditions

1. Consultation with Association
When the Board decides it is necessary to reduce the number of teachers and/or programs in LEC because of insufficient enrollment, lack of funds or other reasons, the Association will be consulted on such reduction in staff in advance of any public announcement. The SEA President or his/her designee and two additional Association representatives shall be given an opportunity to discuss the number of teachers not to be re-employed, the particular teaching positions or portions of teaching positions to be eliminated and alternatives to such reduction in staff.
2. New teachers shall be qualified as per ISBE Document 1 to teach their assignment as a high school credit program, where such credit is applicable.
3. When a teacher is dismissed due to reduction in force and subsequently becomes certified or qualified for an additional teaching position(s), he/she shall retain his/her LEC seniority rights over any other RIFd teacher who has less LEC seniority and who is certified and qualified to teach in the same area(s) for position(s) available during said RIFd teacher’s recall eligibility period of three years (see section C below).
4. Teachers who become certified or qualified for additional positions must file official transcripts with the Office of Human Resources substantiating same. Once having met this requirement, teachers will be eligible for recall in said additional areas per LEC seniority.
5. Copies of reduction in force and recall notices to teachers will be mailed to the SEA president or his/her designee.

B. Procedures for Reduction in Force for the Following Year

1. If workload responsibilities for the LEC staff are reduced or eliminated per the reasons stated above in Section 23.11A, such teachers shall receive notice by registered mail at least 60 calendar days before the end of the school term. This notice shall include a statement of honorable dismissal and the reasons therefore.
2. In the event that reduction in force is necessary as per 23.11A above, teachers employed on a contract-fulfilled basis will be released prior to the reduction of regular contract teachers.
3. Regular contract teachers shall be dismissed on the basis of LEC seniority. Those teachers with the least seniority shall be removed first (i.e. teachers with the fewest number of LEC bargaining unit hours will be removed first).

C. Procedures for Reduction in Force During the School Year

1. During the school year if a recommendation to RIF a class or classes is going to be made, the teacher whose program or class is to be reduced will have the option of continuing employment for 60 calendar days from the date of the notice that the class is to be reduced or to the end of the school year if less than 60 days; if and only if they are willing to perform duties such as continuing to teach with low enrollment, teaching other programs, curriculum work, recruitment, or other professional or administrative duties assigned by the principal.
2. The 60 calendar days of interim assignment will be preceded by the minimum 14 calendar day notice as per 23.11A. Such notice shall be sent to the reassigned teacher from the Office of Human Resources by registered mail. Teachers not recalled before March 15 of any year shall be automatically placed on recall status with those reduced under 23.11B and will be subject to recall rights under 23.11D and 23.11E. At the end of the 60 day interim assignment if the teacher’s position is to be reduced, a notice will be sent to the teacher by registered mail. This notice, as per Board of Education action, shall include a statement of honorable dismissal and the reasons therefore.
3. Teachers who have been reassigned during the 60 calendar day interim RIF period as per section 23.11 will continue to have their seniority accrue during this period.

D. Re-Employment Procedure After Lay-Off

1. Order of Re-employment
Recall will be based on seniority if the most senior teacher is qualified for the available position.
2. Teacher’s Obligation to Respond to Recall
A teacher’s failure to respond affirmatively within 10 days after notification shall result in the termination of the teacher’s rights of recall hereafter. “Days” shall refer to working school days except between June 1 through August 30, when the term “days” shall mean all calendar days.
3. Reinstatement of RIFd Teachers
If any teacher is removed or dismissed from employment with the District because of a decrease in the number of teachers employed in LEC programs, or because of the discontinuance of a particular type of teaching service, and if the Board within three calendar years thereafter increases the number of teachers, reinstates the positions so discontinued, or vacancies occur, the positions or individual classes thereby becoming available shall be tendered to the teachers so removed or dismissed so far as they are legally qualified to hold such positions. Three calendar years thereafter shall mean three school years plus one day of the next school year immediately commencing after the date of the Board’s action in removing or dismissing the teachers.

During this three year period, it shall be the teacher’s responsibility to provide the Office of Human Resources, in writing, of his/her address and telephone number. This requirement also pertains to 23.11.

E. Recall Rights of RIFd Teachers

1. A full-time RIFd teacher who accepts less than a full-time position shall move to any full-time position that becomes available, for which he/she is qualified.
2. A RIFd teacher who accepts a position of fewer hours than held at the time of the reduction in force shall move to any vacant position for which he/she is qualified.
3. A RIFd teacher who refuses a position of fewer hours than previously held shall retain full recall rights to any other position for which he/she is qualified.
4. A RIFd teacher’s acceptance or declination of a leave of absence replacement position shall not waive his/her recall rights as outlined in this Article.
5. Seniority will continue to accrue for recalled teachers as per Article 23.7.


When teachers are hired for summer session, those teachers who were employed during the school year shall be offered positions for which they are qualified and properly certified in accordance to their seniority and thereby given the right of first refusal. The rate of pay for summer school responsibilities shall be the SEA base salary hourly rate.


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