2019-21 CONTRACT – Article 22

22. Pre-Kindergarten Staff

22.1: Work Day
22.2: Teaching Experience and Placement on the Salary Schedule
22.3: Home Visits/Parent Conferences
22.4: Class Size
22.5: Programs Not Covered

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Pre-Kindergarten certified and non-certified employees shall be covered by all provisions of the contractual agreement except for the following sections listed below:

22.1 Work Day

A. The length of the work day for Pre-Kindergarten teachers shall be 7 1/4 hours. The length of the workday for teaching assistants shall be eight hours, inclusive of a 45 minute duty-free lunch period. Teaching Assistants agree to utilize, wherever possible, a daily 15 minute break consecutively with a 30 minute lunch period to maintain their 45 minute lunch period.

B. The Pre-Kindergarten program shall consist of two 2.5 hour sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Teachers shall be provided a 45 minute lunch and 30 minutes for class preparation. The length of the full day program will meet grant requirements and be equivalent to 1st grade teacher contact time (5.25 hours).

C. Certain evening events which are held during the work year are voluntary and not required for teaching assistants; an employee who attends such an event is not eligible for compensation or comp time as a result of such activity.

D. An exception to C. above is the required attendance by teaching assistants at one annual three hour evening parent-teacher conference activity; compensation for this activity is agreed upon to be in the form of five one-hour early release days held throughout the year in which teaching assistants work seven hours but will be paid for eight hours on each such day. Teaching assistants must be present at the parent-teacher conferences in order to earn the five one-hour early release days.


22.2 Home Visits/Parent Conferences

A. The District shall continue to provide adequate non-instructional time at the start of the year for initial beginning of year/home visits and screening. Two other days of non-instructional time shall be scheduled 2nd trimester of the year for additional parent conferences. For all such night conferences, an administrator will be physically on site for the duration of the scheduled event.

B. The Board recognizes its responsibility to support and assist employees with respect to conducting home visits. Should the employee and the District agree that a home visit not be feasible due to security concerns, such a home visit shall be conducted at a site mutually agreeable to the parent(s) and the employee.

C. Should approved home visits be scheduled outside the employee’s assigned work day, the employee shall have the right to adjust his/her schedule in order that the employee work day does not exceed eight hours.

22.3 Class Size

The Pre-Kindergarten program shall be consistent with the guidelines established by the state or as otherwise approved by the regulatory agent of the state.

22.4 Programs Not Covered

Other Pre-Kindergarten programs not covered by these guidelines may be established subject to negotiation with the Association.

One hour school improvement activity each month shall be designated classroom and student portfolio work for staff to document evidence of established standards including, but not limited to, NAEYC standards and guidelines.

Teachers within the Pre-Kindergarten/Early Childhood program shall also receive one half day release time per trimester for maintenance of said portfolios and/or any other unique requirements. First year teachers with the program shall receive one half day per reporting period to establish and meet portfolio requirements. Planning and advanced approval of building administration is required prior to scheduling of release time for portfolio work and is subject to substitute teacher availability.


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