New changes in security for high school basketball games (, 11/22/17)

If you’re going to a high school basketball game in Springfield, be prepared to be searched.
District 186 is now enforcing wanding at all boys games.

This coming after six people were stabbed after a game at Lanphier High School.
“Not a lot of kids are taught that, they think the world and everybody in it is safe and trusting. But it’s not how things are anymore you know,” Rena Rojas, a guardian of a Lanphier High School student said.

Some parents see worrying about safety as one of the last things that should be on their minds while at a school-related event.

“School and school events should not be a place where you have to worry about dropping them off or letting them go do things,” Rojas said.

But after the stabbing event, the school saw a need for change.

“We’ve had some issues throughout the year and throughout the last couple of years with sporting events here in the district,” Director of Support for District 186 Jason Wind said.

Adding a new level of security is not meant to be seen as a motif of fear.

“This is a precautionary measure, hopefully, we go through this wanding process and don’t find anything in this wanding process,” Wind said.

Before entering the arena, those in attendance will be checked by a portable metal detector by off-duty Springfield police.

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