New assessment results show District 186 students close to national average (, 10/16/17)

There’s a new assessment model Springfield Public Schools are using to track your child’s progress. At Monday night’s District 186 School Board meeting, those results were revealed.

The new model is called the NWEA MAP Assessment. It’s new to District 186 this year and officials say they’re pleased with the results already.

MAP stands for Measures of Academic Progress, and it’s a reading and math benchmarking tool that is administered three times a year (September, January, April). Every student in District 186 will take the test, and the progress is monitored between each time they take it.

Students in District 186 were fairly close to the national average. For example, in 9th grade reading, the average score in District 186 was just over 216. That’s compared to the national average at just over 220. In 9th grade math, the district’s average was 223, and the national average was just over 230.

Superintendent Jennifer Gill said, “For our first administration, the students have never seen this assessment before. We were happy with our results and we know that this is our baseline, this is where we are at the beginning of the year based on end of the year standards.” District officials said this new assessment will help identify the needs of students, personalize their goals and provide an equitable education for all of them.

The MAP test consists of one reading test and one math test, both of which are not timed.
Results provide administrators, teachers, students and parents with various reports:
Student Progress Report (shows student progress from all past testing to compare growth)
Achievement and Growth Report (shows student growth based on national norms in comparison to other students taking the test)

Here are the results for each grade in both math and reading:

Math Summary (District 186 average, national norm):

Kindergarten: 136.0, 140.0
1st grade: 159.1, 162.4
2nd grade: 179.8, 176.9
3rd grade: 187.2, 190.4
4th grade: 197.9, 201.9
5th grade: 206.8, 211.4
6th grade: 211.6, 217.6
7th grade: 215.5, 222.6
8th grade: 220.7, 226.3
9th grade: 223.0, 230.3
10th grade: 228.5, 230.1
11th grade: 232.6, 233.3
12th grade: 236.0, no norm

Reading Summary (District 186 average, national norm):

Kindergarten 139.9, 141.0
1st grade: 158.5, 160.7
2nd grade: 172.4, 174.7
3rd grade: 184.6, 188.3
4th grade: 193.5, 198.2
5th grade: 201.3, 205.7
6th grade: 207.7, 211.0
7th grade: 210.8, 214.4
8th grade: 214.2, 217.2
9th grade: 216.1, 220.2
10th grade: 217.6, 220.4
11th grade: 221.7, 222.6
12th grade: 223.1, no norm

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