30% of Springfield classrooms now have computers for every student (SJ-R.com, 9/20/17)

A total of 250 of the Springfield School District’s 850 classrooms, roughly 30 percent, are now one-to-one, meaning a computer for every student.

The influx is part of a five-year technology plan District 186 launched in 2016 to replace aging computers, boost technology at the middle and high schools and improve infrastructure.

Superintendent Jennifer Gill provided the update at Monday’s school board meeting.

To be considered one-to-one, a classroom must have a cart with enough iPads, Chromebooks or laptops for every student to utilize during class time.

Gill said the increase in the number of one-to-one classrooms is a strength of District 186 and a program the district hopes to grow.

To fund the initiative, District 186 charges a technology fee of $35 (students can get a waiver). The money is then set aside and teachers can submit a grant request.

District 186′s technology school, Lincoln Magnet, is also fully one-to-one.

“When teachers are digital movers and really want to have technology in their hands, they can apply for a grant,” Gill said. “It gets devices in students’ hands each and every day and frees up carts for teachers who are just starting out in how to use technologies.”

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